Gone are the days when the traditional training methods completed the dedicated corporate training requirements. Modern businesses are investing significant resources and time in creating their e-Learning training. It offers training to employees through online sources only. So, are you looking to design a corporate e learning solution for your business?

Firstly, all businesses can't prepare dedicated corporate e-Learning materials Independently. Hence, many look for corporate learning solution companies to get the best for their employee training. So today let us know all about the corporate e-Learning solutions and the detailed steps to create these for your business.

Corporate e-learning solution: Why design?

Maine businesses prefer to go with generalized e-learning solutions for different types of training. These include induction training, compliance training, and safety training. However, businesses working on exclusive technologies and processes must create their corporate e-learning solution. This helps them to add the personalization factor while ensuring high-quality knowledge to their employees. 

Steps to create a corporate e-learning solution

The five common steps for creating any e-learning solution for business include the following:

1.Setting up clear goals 

The first step is to set clear expectations about the training goals. Hence, it is important to define what are your expectations from the training. It is essential to stay away from getting over-excited while planning the training ideas. The overall training goals must comply with the overall use of different resources. 

The best solution is to define the training goals as realistic as you can. It can start by defining the objectives of every single lesson. You can also define what is the goal of this specific lesson and hands the complete e-learning course. It should be important to confirm what type of person can take this course. All these details will help you plan and execute the online corporate learning solution effectively.

  1. Preparing a storyboard

After the goals of the e-learning program are set, the next step is to define the most fitting format for this training. It includes the type of the format and the method of the training delivery. Businesses can evaluate the training ideas and can go for the most efficient method to deliver them. These include self-explanatory documents or interactive courses. Creating a dedicated storyboard for your learning solution requires a clear definition of the available time, money, and effort.

Storytelling never disappoints when it is about conveying the best training to your employees or students. It is easy for software simulation eLearning to add different illustrations or situations to clear difficult points to beginners. Hence, whatever storyboard you’re trying to create, it is important to keep it easy for your prospective audience.

3.Formatting the content 

After the creation of the content, it is time to format it. The content formatting ensures that only high-quality content reaches the audience. It can be an interactive course, a slide-based course, or a video. The SCORM format or other learning management system (LMS) tools help to convey the information precisely.  

It is easy for businesses to add scenario-based training, gamified training, and other simulations to their content. These add to the overall efficiency of the corporate e-learning solution while maintaining content quality. Not to miss is that your audience will feel highly engaged in these interactive training programs.

  1. Effective content delivery

Moving ahead it is time to decide the type of content delivery for your corporate e-learning solution. You may go for an online presentation, upload the recorded training courses, or go for hybrid learning. The use of advanced techniques like blended learning ensures optimized benefits to businesses and audiences.

While there are several options for content delivery, the main concern is to go for the one which is easy to understand for your audience. Hence, before planning an effective content delivery channel, it is important to go through the audience's background. You can go through their existing knowledge level.

  1. Training evaluation

Last but not least is the final step of evaluating your corporate e-learning solution. The real process starts here only as businesses need to define the evaluation of the training programs. The feedback generated from the evaluation part helps in modifying or changing the existing e-learning solution.

Key takeaway

Designing a corporate e-learning solution is no more a daunting task for you. All you need to do is take care of the different steps mentioned above. It includes setting up clear goals and preparing a proper storyboard. Further, it is important to format the training content and offer effective content delivery. Not to miss is the effective training evaluation for optimizing the use of resources and generating real-time feedback.